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And we’re live from Fontys Studios

Fontys hogeschool


We know a thing or two about productions, big or small. Our previous work for NOS studios and Omroep Brabant made some waves in the Netherlands. Fontys University of Applied Sciences contacted us for the design and full production of their new TV studio in Tilburg for students of journalism.

Fontys TV Studio V3 001
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Mix and match

So what makes a great TV studio design, is it a high-tech look&feel or a cosy ambiance? For Fontys, our design team was inspired by exterior architecture which mixes different materials such as metal, wood, plants and patterns. The result is a look that is industrial but feels warm.


Modular lighting and design

Warmth is also created by LED lighting which is integrated in various furniture items, such as the main table, backwalls and the news desk. The default light is a soft ambient colour, but the colour of the lighting is also adaptable to the type of setting and show. This modularity was also necessary in design. The news desk for instance can be enlarged to fit more than one host.

“The design for the studio was an organic process that grew over time. We were given full freedom from Fontys which helps to achieve the best possible design and use for the space.”
Daphne Danneels, concept designer

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