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About Fisheye

Fisheye is a multidisciplinary production company that combines creative thinking with craft and technology to create unforgettable experiences. We mix the digital and physical to help brands better express themselves. We are a close team of designers, technicians, engineers, and software developers, who live to energise companies, productions and events. Our team consists of collaborators and content lovers who believe a custom-made approach is a foolproof way to achieve the best possible result. We all breathe sustainability, both in our ideas as in the way we develop them.

Fisheye Royals HR 69 oog studio

What we can do for you

Content HR 7

Video, 3D animation & motion graphics, Virtual Reality, photography, visuals, videomapping, ..


From concept creation to technical implementation: stage design, motion engineering, mechatronics, ..

Workshop WOOD

Steel welding, woodwork, coated styrofoam, painting, stage scenery, ..

Technical support

Highly custom solutions in LED, motion, automatisation, power, audiovisual techniques.

Project Management

Our project managers take care of all communications, budget & quality control for your project.

Workshop CNC 5 AXIS
CNC Machinery

5-axis CNC milling, CNC waterjet, CNC tube laser and more for detailed & quality products.