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Because we care.

Let's be transparent, everything we make has an impact on the planet. But that can not be a reason to change what is in our power. Our sector has a bad reputation in sustainability, but we are motived to change what we can with progressive insight. Not only do we create and innovate at the conceptual level, Fisheye also engages itself to put in extra efforts concerning ecological challenges. As a multidisciplinary production agency, we match innovation with sustainability to downsize our environmental impact.

We reduce our ecological footprint by using the workflow and measurements below:

  • Fisheye's entire headquarters runs on renewable energy thanks to an extensive solar panel installation on the roof of our offices and workshops. (465 solarpanels).
  • BOLT buys the excess electricity we generate with our solar panels. Bolt is a supplier of energy that only purchases renewable energy.
  • Use of FSC labelled wood originating from sustainable forest management projects when possible.
  • In 2021, the lighting in our studio was updated. The 64 400-watt HQI gas discharge lamps were replaced by 98-watt LED variants.
  • Use of water based paints and varnish when possible.
  • Sustainable waste management including rubbish sorting, recycling and upcycling towards circular economy.
  • Digital communication through online conference calls, avoiding unnecessary transportation.
  • Digital file reviews during the design process using online project management tools.
  • Sustainable product designs taking ecological aspects and durability of the finished products into account from step one.
  • Remote control interventions for technical installations.
  • Office and workshop maintenance based on eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • No more PET bottles for drinking water, but a water installation from Robinetto
  • We will start electrification of our fleet by the end of 2022

Concerning sustainability efforts, we tend to focus on a structural approach from design to production. This philosophy is an inseparable part of Fisheye's DNA and keeps us sharp in terms of social responsibility.

But let's face it, it's not a one-off. We need to keep exploring how to make our operations even more sustainable.