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Young Charly - Table Videomapping

Young Charly Fine Wines

Young Charly, one of Belgium's leading wine importers, reached out to Fisheye to create an immersive experience for their annual event "Open Bottle Days". Our team designed and produced a mesmerizing videomapping informing all guests on the specifics of all wines they were tasting.

YC0 20191109 KG videomapping 113


Amaze ánd inform guests

A growing wine vine, bouncing grapes, wine stains, a matching soundscape and a welcoming voice-over were all combined with informational graphics about the wine tastings. The recipe for this experience was distinguished as were all fine wines presented by Young Charly.

When entering the venue guests were immediately captivated by the projection of Young Charly's logo and a small welcome message. Numbers indicated specific glasses and the wine they held, while a complete storyline submerged visitors into the wide world of wine tastings.

YC1 20191109 KG videomapping 145
YC2 20191109 KG videomapping 146
YC3 20191109 KG videomapping 148
"Not only our fine wine selections but also entertaining & innovative concepts like these keep on distinguishing Young Charly."
Jurgen Vandamme - Young Charly
YC4 20191109 KG videomapping


Content creation, hardware setup & playout

When receiving briefings like these our team is immediately hyped. If there's one thing we really love doing it's combining craftsmanship with creativity.

For this experience we created an exact copy of the actual tables and started drafting a storyboard while our technicians calculated the exact lens and lumen specifications for the beamers.

YC5 DSC02695
YC6 DSC02700
YC7 DSC02690
YC8 DSC02152
YC9 DSC02147
YC10 DSC02153

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