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Koksijde aglow: blending light and tradition

City of Koksijde

For a second time in a row we lit up the Belgian seaside town of Koksijde during the holiday period. Four installations created not only an interactive feature for visitors during the festival, but also a chance to showcase the city’s local heritage.


Guido Gezelleplein

We transformed the postal office into a canvas and projected a magnificent spectacle, dedicated to the square’s poet Guido Gezelle. A poem of the Flemish poet dedicated to the magic of nighttime was revived and immersed the visitors in an all enchanting glow.

DSC02791 Verbeterd NR

Light fountain

A dance of light and movement came together in a custom made light fountain on the Casino square. The light sculpture comes to life simply by interacting with the surroundings. Every movement the visitors made was translated into a unique visual spectacle.

DSC03111 Verbeterd NR
Lichtfontein reel 1043


In the middle of the city centre stands the Bad Schallerbach square with trees aligning the round point. Like a swarm of twinkling fireflies, the trees seemed to come alive under the glow of this display. Visitors passing by enjoyed this dance of a thousand fireflies among the branches.

DSC03268 Verbeterd NR
DSC03256 Verbeterd NR

Light organ

We brought the glass façade of Our Lady of the Dunes Church to life through a light organ. Visitors could make the coolest melodies resound in interaction with visuals on the church's glass facade.

DSC03434 Verbeterd NR
DSC03392 Verbeterd NR
DSC03397 Verbeterd NR

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