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"Lights On Data" Installation at Summer Lights Festival, London

Fisheye / Canary Wharf Group

It's with great pleasure we present the conceptual and interactive city installation "Lights On Data", referring to the ever growing employment possibilities in the renewable energy sector.
This setup was entirely conceptualised and produced by Team Fisheye for the Summer Lights Festival in London.



Fisheye's pitch winning concept

Come have a seat and take a look at how this solar experiment unravels its secrets. As visitors enjoy this conceptual piece of city furniture the sun creates an alluring shadowplay filled with color, reflection and even data. Our installation involves a visualization of job opportunities in the world of renewable energy. By the year 2050, a whopping 42 million jobs will be available in this impactful industry.

This cityproof production includes a multitude of steel circles with integrated plexiglass panels, each of which shines a light on a different region or job sector worldwide. These colorful diagrams connect an aesthetical approach with conceptual thinking. The world is evolving, and so are the shadows casted on the ground. The position of the sun influences the data shown, inviting passersby to take a moment and see the impact of work at work.

Summerlights2022 116
Summerlights2022 117
"By 2050, 42 million renewable energy jobs can be created across the world."
IRENA - Internation Renewable Energy Agency


Artistic vision & production

After having been commissioned to build installations for several light festivals across the globe, our creative team decided it was time to pitch & produce a small concept of our own. What started with multiple design sprints quickly evolved into a thrilling series of experiments with light, color, reflection and shadow. Although the outcome is a highly cityproof and interactive installation, at its core this project is an artistical approach towards climate change.

From 3D sketches and renders to an inviting, interactive installation in the streets of London, this eye-catching piece of city furniture includes a multitude of components referring to the concept of jobs in the world of renewable energy. An integrated solar panel and phone charger are topped off with a QR code leading scanning visitors to this conceptual yet highly informational page:

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Screenshot 2022 07 14 at 21 49 41
Screenshot 2022 07 14 at 21 50 16
“As a very climate conscious company, it’s encouraging to turn conceptual & environmental design into reality."
Kris Goubert - Co-founder Fisheye

Photography by Sean Pollock & Fisheye.
Event runs until August 20th 2022.
All info can be found here:

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