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Studio 100 - 40-45 The Musical

Studio 100

A lifesize Stuka bomber plane, a crashed Spitfire airplane and a 30m long train as key props for this spectacular theatre show.

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Recreating props from World War 2

Set design and build wizards Fisheye worked closely with set designer Stefaan Haudenhuyse and created some key props and scenic elements which are prominent in the show. The movie below delves into the complex construction techniques – from design to CNC machining, the diligent research and the fine-tuned skills involved, all completed in-house at Fisheye’s workshops.

They include a 1:1 scale World War 2 Stuka bomber with turning propellers that ‘flies’ above through the performance space above the audience, and several moving automobiles.

One of them is an Opel Blitz truck with the petrol engine removed and replaced by an electric motor so it drives through the theatre.There is also a 30-metre-long train and a crashed Spitfire aircraft which burns realistically on the stage!

The train was built from scratch and the tricky part was to find a solution with a short turning distance so it could make a loop around and in and out the building.

All these items required painstaking and careful construction to bring them to life on the stage."

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Behind the scenes

"Four of the technical partners - Fisheye, Painting with Light, PRG Belgium and WIcreations - involved in the ground breaking 40-45 Spektakel Musical production being staged at the Pop-Up Theatre in Puurs, Belgium, by Studio 100 are featured in a compelling and candid Behind the Scenes (BTS) movie. Shot in 4K during the set up and first weeks of the production, it features clips from the show itself plus extensive and exclusive interviews with director Frank Van Laecke, technical director Bart Caels from B-Art Production Design, creative lighting expert and video designer Luc Peumans, innovative entertainment

engineering specialist Hans Willems, Fisheye director Stijn Slabbinck - in charge of several scenic masterpieces - and Tom Van Hemelryck from PRG who provided lighting and rigging equipment.It gives viewers a unique technical and creative insight into the meticulous planning and huge challenges of producing this ambitious show set during World War II… the vision and foresight of Studio 100 and the strong teamwork, standards of excellence and innovative solutions that are making it happen.

It is a ‘must-see’ for anyone interested in the art of creative technical production."

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"A technical and visual masterpiece of world class level!"

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