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Tomorrowland - Freedom Stage & Beyond


This year Fisheye joined forces once again with Tomorrowland, world’s most iconic music festival. On top of our previous next level stage designs, including the world famous Rose Garden, Kara Savi Stage, the merchandise shop and infopoint, we now added the Freedom Stage.



Uniting the People of Tomorrow

Tomorrowland is one of the most popular and iconic music festivals in the world held in Boom, Belgium. Tomorrowland was first held in 2005 and has since become one of the world’s most notable global music festivals. It takes place every year in summer and now stretches over 3 weekends in 2022, welcoming 600,000 People of Tomorrow from over 200 countries, and selling out in minutes year after year.

Tomorrowland is located in a beautiful natural place, recreation area De Schorre, in the town of Boom, Belgium. It is a true fairy tale world situated in beautiful natural surroundings, with a strong eye for detail such as enchanting décor, fascinating acts and peripheral animations, amazing, tasty and healthy food and drinks, spectacular fireworks - an unforgettable and incomparable show.



Brand new Freedom Stage

The Freedom Stage entails a completely new setting in the magical world of Tomorrowland. Although decorations were highly impressive, the true challenge of this project was the underlying technical engineering. The combination of our 3D technical designs and CNC controlled production process allowed for a highly efficient transport and seamless build up on site. Team Fisheye spent 4 months building the stage in our workshops, before spending another month on-site assembling and finishing all details.

The process from visualisation to realisation was refined through the use of Inventor, which allowed faster and more efficient communication. Our state of the art CNC department, as you can partly see in this video, ran overtime, producing detailed bits and pieces for our team to assemble. On top of that we added loads of bigger than life 3D printed items, specifically adapted to match the underlying tent provided by our partner Neptunus. Our approach always departs from a visitor’s perspective of the end result, not the other way around. We invent and collect all ingredients necessary to brew this final, magical cocktail which is predefined.

5 DSC09888
2 DSC09529
7 DSC09541
4 DSC09391
8 DSC00102
9 DSC09666
10 DSC09667
Both our vision and production process are based on the final experience and the visitor’s perspective, not the other way around.
Kris Goubert - co-founder Fisheye
11 DSC09625


The Rose Garden

"Entering The Rose Garden feels like entering the dragon; like Bruce Lee in his famous movie. The dragon overlooks the field and the adjacent lake while you dance to the most diverse selection of raging party sounds."
Original project:

DSC09819 HDR


Kara Savi Stage

"This small and intimate stage blasts its beats from the mouth of a spiral shell somehow risen from the bottom of the ocean onto the festival site. Kara Savi is the kind of stage you’ll only find at Tomorrowland; full of atmosphere and with an actual beach to complete the feeling. This dancefloor is where the true spirit of club culture in all its forms is celebrated."

2 DSC09566
3 DSC09981
4 DSC09968
1 DSC09973



Not an actual stage, but a more than worthy eyecatching production, visible from long distance.

DSC09781 HDR


Merchandise Shop

Scenery and production of the official Tomorrowland Boutique.


A tour of all dancefloors at Tomorrowland can be found here:

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