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Theatre Scenery Lights - Playfield Collective


We produced this light installation as part of an interactive theatre show by Playfield Collective, inviting visitors to participate in the performance by simply (de-)activating these carefully placed LED lights.

0 DSC02882 Johan Pijpops


Interactive theatre performance

Spectators are placed in a circle around the stage setting, while every chair holds a vertical light strip. Next to every chair there is an electrical button, allowing people to activate the light using only their foot. Instantly visitors are drawn to the button, but it’s only halfway through the performance that it becomes relevant. With this approach Playfield Collective is able to create a certain tension that is an essential part of the show.

While the actors are bringing up memories, visitors' brains are activated to do exactly the same. Without asking spectators to share all of their personal memories Playfield still creates a collective consciousness around this process: everybody in the audience gets carried away thinking about personal memories, and common denominators are shown by activating lights when certain topics are brought forward.

3 DSC03283 Johan Pijpops
“Fisheye’s lights look very fancy! Great work!”
Caroline Mathieu – Light designer
4 DSC09628


Coated steel & tech hardware

Innovative theatre productions like this one bring out the best of us. It’s in our company mission to combine craftsmanship with technology, and this setup proved to be exactly on that intersection.

Our workshop wizards from the steel department produced and coated the baseplates and standing profiles, while our technicians researched and installed the hardware to activate and light up the installation.

5 DSC09595
6 DSC09609
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Performance review (in Dutch):

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