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FamousGrey - Volvo Blind Spot Billboard


Volvo, the inventor of the blind spot detector, wanted to make its safety feature available to all. Because we cannot put everybody into a Volvo, FamousGrey brought a Volvo to everyone: the Blind Spot Billboard, produced by Fisheye.

Volvo Blind Spot


Brand activation & safety check

In 2020 the number of cyclists in Brussels increased by 64%. This has lead to an increase of blind spot accidents. As a pioneer in safety, Volvo wants to make every driver a safe driver. Unfortunately, we can’t put everyone in a Volvo. We can, however, take Volvo’s blind spot detection technology (i.e BLIS) out of the car in into a digital billboard. And that’s what we did.

In one of the busiest streets of Brussels, known for its many accidents involving cyclists, a radar sensor was installed on top of a billboard signaling in real time and 3D to nearby cars when cyclists were approaching. The billboard made all drivers aware of the presence of cyclists in their blind spot, even if they didn’t drive a Volvo. On top of that it also noticeably increased the safety of Brussels cyclists.

"This idea allows us to make every driver a safer driver."
Lolita Swanet - Volvo Marketing Manager
Volvo Results


Scanner, software & visuals

For this project Fisheye was commissioned for the production of the radar system, software development ánd 3D design. A great collaboration with Volvo Group, FamousGrey, Kinetic and Mindshare Belgium got our team working on an in-house test setup.

The aim was to detect cyclists with a custom controlled radar system eventually installed on a ClearChannel digital advertising display. Simultaneously our content team designed visuals to digitally replicate cyclists and warn drivers of their presence in the blind spot.

Volvo Blind Spot
Volvo C4 D
Volvo Street

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