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The Ice Is Your Canvas

Holiday on Ice

HOLIDAY ON ICE is celebrating its 80th anniversary this season with a revolutionary new production. Continuing on from our previous collaborations (the show A New Day and Supernova), we produced a series of high end support structures and scenery items beyond your and our wildest dreams.

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Ice cube

The new show “NO LIMITS” combines innovation and tradition in a unique way and is a feast for your eyes on and above the ice. Central to the show is the golden cube which gives viewers a clue into the story and takes them into a new scene.

We engineered a 6 by 6 meter cube structure with LED panels which gives the show the ideal backdrop. Revolutionary are the sliding and rotating doors in this dynamic structure that allow skaters to pass through and disappear as if by magic. It’s exactly these type of challenges that we like to dig our teeth into to create an unforgettable experience for the spectators.


Surf’s up

Another showstopper is a 70’s inspired van which drives around on the ice. It took intense work from our technical team to build this hippie mobile. We took the base of a golf kart and turned it into an battery powered oldtimer van. It includes a lift that allows the skaters to pop out of the van and a printed mesh textile cloth on both sides allowing the audience to see the actors inside. This unique mix between décor and technical features is our forte making this a project right up our alley.

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We also produced a whole array of scenery pieces that play between fantasy and reality: from colourful surfboards to chariots to Greek columns to a round disco bar to a working candy floss machine to a Western saloon to a life-size Pacman… what was that saying about creativity and no limits? Eat your heart out during this show folks!

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