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And then there was light (in Koksijde)

City of Koksijde

Fisheye lit up the seaside town of Koksijde during their winter lights festival. Not only did we come up with the different concepts along the route, we also produced all installations in-house and constructed/deconstructed them on site.


Shed a little light

The first edition of ‘Koksijde By Light’ consisted of a 5 km walk along important landmarks. We created a unique concept for each location that was both weatherproof and appealing enough for Koksijde’s inhabitants and tourists.


Message to space

One of the main attractions was the ‘Message to Space’ installation where visitors could send a personal message into the galaxy via a dedicated website. Their message was translated into morse code and then transported into space through a light beam. More than 3000 messages are now travelling through the solar system.

The number of people who visited our Koksijde By Light festival exceeded our expectations. This is of course thanks to Fisheye’s installations that really caught the eye and imagination of the visitor.
Daimy Declerck – event manager city of Koksijde

Crystal clear

How do you made wind visible? We created a series of life-size salt crystals on the beach as a poetic reference to the sea. They turned with the wind and created captivating rays of light on the sand.


Illuminating the Abbey Museum and its ruins

The archaeological site of the Abbey Museum of the Dunes and its ruins takes you back in time. We wanted to recreate the past by bringing the ruins of the former abbey to life by using laser contouring and programming. The result is both mysterious and magical.

On the outside of the museum we used the large glass windows to create a giant equaliser of sound and light.

IMG 1741

Back to the roots

Koksijde is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage thanks to its shrimp fishermen on horseback. As an ode to their legacy, we chose a simple but charming light installation on the Bad Schallerbach roundabout. Woven baskets used by the fishermen were turned into light pendants in the trees, creating a cosy atmosphere.


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