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Nuit Blanche Paris - Videomapping Hotel De Ville for Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf

Fisheye produced this gigantic videomapping project for Erwin Olaf, the renowned Dutch multidisciplinary artist known for his stunning, contemporary photography.

20161001 KG nuitblanche 9


Artist Statement

“When I was asked to create an artwork for this year’s Nuit Blanche Paris, I could not think of anything that would not make a statement about the horrible attacks that tortured the French, Parisian and western society on the whole, in recent times. I wanted to express the pain and emotions that one feels after hearing the stories and seeing the images of the terrorist attacks on innocent people, who were just simply enjoying the freedom of our society.

Besides this message I also want, as an artist that likes to investigate in the techniques of photography, to research where photography stops and film takes over. Therefore the theatrical faces, showing all different emotions, are build up from morphing photographs. Where does photography stop and become film, and when become film photography? That is the question I wanted to ask.”

20160930 KG nuitblanche 16
20160930 KG nuitblanche 21
20161001 KG nuitblanche 18


Visual challenge

As a multidisciplinary creative studio Fisheye likes to take on challenges. For this videomapping we started by creating a virtual 3D model of the Hotel De Ville in Paris. We then even recreated a scale model of the building’s façade made of styrofoam, which we used as a realtime preview for the videomapping in our workshop with 4 basic projectors.

Once on site in Paris, our team built 4 layered towers to carefully place our high end 40.000 ANSI Lumen beamers over the spectators' heads. Our mapping software divided the images in 144 squares, exactly matching the 30 windows across the building. We added white backgrounds to each window to maximize the light reflection.

20160930 KG nuitblanche 28
20160929 KG nuitblanche 17
"An emotional yet absolutely breathtaking and highly detailed installation."
Sylvie - Festival visitor

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