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Light Installation "THE GIFT"


Fisheye’s highly unconventional light/art installation “THE GIFT” creates a mesmerizing synergy between robotic arms, a choreographic performance and multiple screens.

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the story

Synergy between 2 creative processes

THE GIFT is a story about a quest of thinking outside of the box, interpreted by four moving 98inch screens and two contemporary dancers. Two processes intertwined to finally converge beautifully. On the one hand, the movements of the screens were tested with practicable transitions and put in a sequence. On the other hand, the movements of the dancers were worked out in relation to the screens. It was clear from the start that we wanted to work with Ludovio Einaudi’s composition ‘Choros’.

Two dancers interpreted this composition which led to an installation embracing both innovative technology and narrative aesthetics. The four mechanical robot arms bring four screens to life synchronously in a choreography, like a constant dialogue between the robot arms, the dancers and the screens. What you see is only a framed part of reality. The screens are like windows, suggesting a bigger imaginary world that lies behind them…

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Software, content & installation

The entire GIFT concept was conceived and produced by team Fisheye. We started off by attaching four 98inch screens to the robotic arms and implemented these into a mobile structure. Our developers went to work creating custom software allowing all movements of the screens to be controlled.

Next to these hard- and software solutions our content creators teamed up with Laura Neyskens to align her mesmerizing choreography, alongside second dancer Florencia Demestri, with these screen movements. The entire dance process was captured from multiple angles inside our Fisheye studio, after which postproduction started to match and track every aspect of this unconventional light installation.

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"We're very proud this installation was featured both at Lightfestival Ghent in Belgium ánd Staro Rigo in Latvia."
Kris Goubert - Co-founder Fisheye

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