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Sien / Stad Aalst - Immersive 360° Cinema

Sien - Stad Aalst

Commissioned by Sien, Fisheye conceptualised and created an immersive 360° cinema for the City of Aalst, submerging visitors into all touristic highlights the city has to offer.

Cinema 4


"A unique experience, inside the action"

This 360° cinema is the eyecather at the Tourism Office in the city of Aalst. Every visitor of the city can enjoy a unique visual experience in the video-dome. The installation is equipped with 8 beamers, submerging visitors into each of the city’s highlights and sights. Both the technical and practical installation, as well as all video footage and the 360-dome itself were produced by Fisheye.

Visitors experience a sneak peek of what the city of Aalst has to offer. You step into a 360-dome where a video is played simultaneously on all sides, taking you away to the most beautiful spots of the city. You’re in the middle of the action during the carnival festivities on the market square and in the middle of the audience during the Cirk festival, but you also drift afloat inside the Saint Martin Church.

Cinema 1
Cinema 2
Cinema 3
Cinema 0
Cinema 5
Cinema 6


360 video ánd technical production!

Fisheye's design team was invited to develop and research the design as made by Sien, implement it into the architecture and develop a lighting design that functions as an eyecatcher for this touristic centre.

The technical development, including 8 beamers, loads of LED lines and multiple screens, was handled by Fisheye's Tech Team. Our Workshop Wizards took care of all things constructional, while our Content Team directed, shot and postproduced all 360 video footage. Safe to say this was quite the team effort!

Cinema 7
Cinema 8
Cinema 9
"Working with Fisheye was a real pleasure. Their one-stop-shop approach made this project way more efficient."
Lien - Stad Aalst Project Manager
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