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Stad Aalst - Interactive Expo 'Iedereen Rubens'

Stad Aalst

In the Summer of 2019, after winning a public tender, Fisheye was selected to create an interactive exposition on the life of Peter Paul Rubens, the 16th century painter. After spending almost half a year on producing this entire installation the opening got pushed back by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now we are proud to present this project which was carefully created as a joint effort between the entire Fisheye team and the City of Aalst.

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"Submerge visitors in VR"

The original tender briefing had a strong focus on VR, asking the participating companies to create a Virtual Reality experience around the masterpiece "De Pestlijders" by Peter Paul Rubens in the Saint-Martin Church.

Immediately impressed by the stunning location Fisheye decided to pitch an interactive installation, combining innovative technologies with an actual visit to the magical attic. Instead of submerging individual viewers in a virtual surrounding, we created a group experience showcasing the beauty of both the painting ánd the church.

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Bringing Rubens back to life

Main topic in the entire installation is a behind the scenes look into the life and history of Peter Paul Rubens, the world famous Flemish painter at the end of the 16th and start of the 17th century. After intense historical research we recreated his workshop and the settings in which Rubens negotiated and created his masterpiece.

A full blown production ensued, from location hunting to casting, setdressing, styling, lighting, scenario writing, shooting and postproduction. Our actors and voice over artists took a trip into history, bringing the master and his impressive skills back to life both on location as in our own studio at the Fisheye HQ.

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"Fisheye really managed to realise our dreams and expectations."
Julie De Smedt - Project Manager Aalst
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Interactive telescope

We created an interactive telescope with an ancient look to dive into another dimension while looking at the painting. We animated all persons and items in the masterpiece, making them come alive when being selected, adding textual layers of information on top.

At Fisheye we like to unite craft and technology to create unforgettable installations, and mixing this digital experience with the physical space is exactly our cup of tea. Custom software development and hardware implementation, presented in wooden boxes, referring to artwork shipping crates.

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"An exposition as never seen before in Aalst."
Christoph D'Haese - Mayor of Aalst


The exposition

In the attic, and in the 135-steps stairway leading up to it, we submerge visitors in the story through voice over stories and full blown projections. Guests can even draw their own Rubens with our custom drawing application and touchscreen.

We installed everything from lights to speakers and beamers to create the right atmosphere. For people unable to attend the ancient attic we created an easily accessible VR experience on the ground floor.

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"It was amazing to see all the pieces of the puzzle come together thanks to a team effort."
Johan Bommerez - Fisheye Project Manager


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