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Plopsa Station Themepark

Plopsa Group

Plopsa invited Fisheye for a huge part of the scenery at the recently renewed Plopsa Station indoor themepark. An extensive project calling upon our drafting, producing, painting, animation, videomapping skills and much more.

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New life in old themepark

Something’s cooking at the Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium. 2 years after Comics Station’s bankruptcy Plopsa Group purchased and invested heavily in this brand new indoor theme park now called Plopsa Station.

Visitors can enjoy up to 15 attractions, spread across 4 different floors. Of course a big part of the scenery is dedicated to well known Studio 100 characters such as Wickie The Viking and Leprechaun Plop, but others such as Lucky Luke get their fair share of attention as well.

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"We love projects where we can combine scenery skills with technical challenges like videomapping and software controls."
Stijn Slabbinck - Fisheye co-founder
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Wickie zone entrance & snackbar

One of the zones in the themepark is designed and built in the style of Wickie the Viking, a character created by Swedish children’s author Runer Jonsson and now owned by Studio 100 Group. Team Fisheye went to work producing both the entrance, queue zone and exit for this part of the themepark, as well as the production of the entire snackbar.

As is often the case we used our drafting skills in combination with our state of the art CNC tube laser to create the baseframe for this foodstand. Every aspect of this zone was meticulously assembled and painted to match the designs as received by the Plopsa team. A bright and colorful setup, exactly the way we like things!

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Lucky Luke entrance & interior

On the inside of this themepark installation our team simply went to work repainting the shooting range. On the outside however we drafted, produced and assembled the entire entrance to this zone.

Plopsa prepared detailed drawings and sketches on how we were supposed to build this setup, and it was our pleasure making this come to life. After many detailed updates our Workshop Wizards delivered a very inviting entrance.

L0 DSC01066 2 HDR
L1 DSC00465
L2 DSC00460
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Droptower software, mapping & visuals

This installation had been in use for many years by the previous owners of the themepark, but needed a serious upgrade and a new theme. For starters we created the scenery items such as the big Viking boat with the long mast and lookout.

However: for this one we also involved our digital and tech teams to create and animate stunning visuals and setup a very short throw video projection. We upgraded the software controls to the entire installation and ensured a smooth experience.

D0 DSC00674 HDR
D1 DSC00726
D2 DSC01238
D3 DSC01170 2
D4 DSC01187 2


Giftshop scenery

Essential upon general request this giftshop needed to tickle all senses. As this one’s a combination of scenery, 3D items and chandelier lights we went all out.

Big and bright mushrooms amaze visitors, while wooden cupboards and POS items are all designed and produced to match themes.

G0 DSC01274
G1 DSC01126
G2 DSC01133
G3 DSC01158
G4 DSC09028
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Fisheye services: technical drafting, production & installation

In case you missed it: Fisheye is a one stop shop for all your creative productions. In some cases our creative team goes to work brainstorming and conceptualizing certain ideas from scratch, in this case our technical drafters took on the challenge of translating the detailed designs we received from our longtime clients and partners at Plopsa into beautiful renders and reality.

Our headquarters in Wetteren include office space, a fully equipped studio, 4 different workshops, a state of the art machine park, as well as an entire team of craftsmen and -women ready to help you create unforgettable experiences like this one. Take a look at the video below and contact us if you’d like to have a chat about your creative project.

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Project video

You've seen a ton of pictures above, but here's a little video showing you some more behind the scenes footage of our production and installation process. Enjoy the show!

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