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365 days of carnival

City of Aalst

‘Aalst Carnaval’ is synonymous with three days of crazy festivities at the end of February each year. But what happens when it’s over? How do we make the carnival visible for visitors in the streets and reinforce its part in the city’s cultural heritage? These were the questions the city of Aalst came to us with.


Heritage in the streets

We created an interactive ‘magical carnival’ walking tour along different locations in Aalst. Each stop brings the carnival and its rich history to life. To increase this magical factor, visitors pick up an inhouse 3D printed sceptre which, like a magic wand, activates each experience along the route thanks to RFID technology.

Zwaai de scepter en laat je verrassen

Carnival experience

The stops breathe the core values of Aalst, they are satirical, creative, daring and artisanal. Visitors start the walk at the tourism office where a giant interactive book highlights the stops along the route. Custom made steel cobblestones indicate the walking direction. The next stop is next to the ‘Voil Janet’-statue where the sceptre triggers the infamous song about this typical character in Aalst. In the middle of the ‘Grote Markt’ visitors are immersed in the highlight of the carnival, the yearly parade, through a viewer integrated in a giant totem.

Prinsenscepter op de Grote Markt 2
221207 Klinknagel rond
DSC09853 1x1

Festive style

We used Aalst’s brand guidelines to develop the graphical style throughout all assets. But we took it one step further and introduced motion design in the city branding for all video collatoral.

We loved working on this project as we were able to use all of our added values – from concept to audio, to animation, 3D printing, CNC, woodwork and electromechanics.
Pieter Troch - Project manager Fisheye
DSC01390 2

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