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Holiday On Ice - A New Day

Holiday On Ice

As a continuation of our previous successful partnership, Fisheye teamed up with Holiday On Ice again to produce a series of high end support structures, scenery items and a brand new technological innovation: a DMX-controlled LED curtain on a custom truss structure. Steel is real!

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World famous entertainment on ice

As quoted on the newly launched website: “The time has come: Holiday On Ice is going on a big tour of Germany with the new production “A NEW DAY” - celebrate life! We are starting a six-month tour with a world premiere on November 17, 2021 in Grefrath and showing a total of 182 shows in 23 cities.

With “A NEW DAY” Holiday On Ice sets a new standard in live entertainment. In this spectacular show, 40 of the world's best figure skaters show off their athletic capabilities. The so far most artistically and technically elaborate HOLIDAY ON ICE production is an invitation to celebrate the magic of a new beginning, life and love together.”

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"Working with Holiday On Ice again for such another big production is a nice confirmation of our work."
Stijn Slabbinck - Fisheye co-founder


Supporting structures for LED spheres & arches

Fisheye is on a mission to help create unforgettable experiences. Our latest investments, such as our CNC tube laser, and our team’s ever growing skillset allows us to provide support for a wide range of eyecatching entertainment solutions. In this case Fisheye’s technical drafters and workshop wizards produced a very elaborate series of steel frames to create multiple LED wall setups.

Our supporting structures included the entire backdrop of the stage setting, such as 3 huge arches and an opening gate in the middle. Even with its 2,5 ton weight, this gate was designed to easily be handled and opened by only 2 stagehands. On top of that we produced another sphere shaped supporting structure to be rigged above the scene.

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Custom truss LED curtain

We like to innovate and find new solutions in support of our clients. We’re happy to have teamed up with Holiday On Ice in the development and production of this eyecatching setup, 100% custom and produced in-house.

Specifically we produced 80 meters of custom truss that allowed us to implement no less than 90 DMX-controlled LED strings. When activated these lights create a magical, dangling curtain, which can easily be withdrawn with simple show-controls.

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Rigged dance platforms

A steel base plate, styrofoam toppings, integrated LED lights, a little jungle touch and a -partly patina – paint job.

Part of the ingredients of a successful rigging platform allowing dancers to safely fly through the air.

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Stage scenery on ice

“It’s in the details”. Next to providing a huge stack of steel support structures our creative team manufactured multiple stage scenery items to be placed and directed onto the ice.

A Leonardo Da Vinci flying machine replica, acrobat hoops, a moveable grand stand platform and more themed scenery items added even more magic to the storyline.

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Transport & installation

Of course, after having produced all of these items in our HQ, we deployed our team of technicians and technical project managers for the correct installation of this entire production, and even created multiple transport crates for the different components.

As Holiday On Ice is a touring show it is essential all items are created with a mobile philosophy in mind. As part of the project Fisheye is also capable of providing a detailed handover including tech sheets and installment instructions. And then it was time to enjoy!

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Project video

You've seen a ton of pictures above, but here's a little video showing you some more behind the scenes footage of our production and installation process. Enjoy the show!

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