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Setting the stage with life-size decors

Plugged live shows

Plugged Live Shows asked us to produce two main stage props for a large multinational company’s anniversary celebration in Amsterdam: a life-size illuminated facetted mask and a blossoming peacock.

Show SHV Plugged Live Shows WEB 402


Behind the mask

Plugged Live Shows is known for their all immersive, creative and custom-made live shows, both for corporate and public events. For a multinational’s 125th anniversary, they came to us for the production of a giant facetted mask. Not only was forming the polygon structure a technical feat, the separate pieces also carried battery-charged LEDs and magnets to lock them tight. During the show, the mask was scattered across the stage for the dancers to pick up. At the end of the choreography the pieces formed a human face that slowly lit up from in between the cracks. The inspiration came from kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pieces with gold paint.

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Proud like a peacock

The show’s grand finale was all about pride and passion. And what better symbol than a peacock to bring it to life on stage. For the closing choreography, we built a peacock’s tail weighing no less than 450 kilo’s adorned with pink flowers that popped open using compressed air.

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