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ACT - Winter Glow Light Festival

ACT Lighting Design

After multiple successful partnerships across the world we joined forces with ACT Lighting Design again. Fisheye was commissioned to create several light installations as designed by the ACT team for their winning pitch for the Winter Glow light festival in Bruges, Belgium.

0 DSC01611


Winter Glow as designed by ACT LD

The Light experience trail was lighting up Bruges for the third year running, and this time everything revolved around the 'word'. The trail, designed by ACTLD, took you past 14 impressive light and word installations at well-known and lesser-known locations in the historic city centre. Magically lit squares and monuments came to life in poetry, slam poetry and one-liners. So many beautiful words from Bruges artists.

We’ve partnered with ACT Lighting Design many times before and this time again Fisheye stepped in to produce some of ACT’s mesmerizing lighting concepts. Although we have an extensive in-house creative design team, it’s in our mission to “help our clients create unforgettable experiences” which in this case meant providing our workshop services to make these beautiful, immersive concepts come to life.

D10 DSC03164


Disco fever

A steel baseframe, a gigantic styrofoam globe, an enormous amount of meticulously cut and placed mirrors and carefully placed lighting.

Succesful ingredients of an eyecatching installation as designed by the team over at ACT Lighting Design.

D0 DSC01645
D7 DSC01575
D8 DSC01594
D9 DSC03062
D4 DSC01208
D5 DSC01260
D6 DSC01258
D10 DSC03131


Poetry LED letters

At this edition of Bruges Winter Glow everyting revolved around words.

Our team combined fine CNC steel work with technical craftsmanship and some good old rowing skills.

P1 DSC01228
P2 DSC01235
P3 DSC01452
P4 DSC01375
P5 DSC01440
P6 DSC01459
P7 DSC03261


Lamppost plexi decorations

Sometimes it’s in the details. When walking across the light experience trail visitors are guided by small plexi installations we added on lampposts.

A simple yet recognizable interference which serves as a pathway from one installation to the other and adds even more atmosphere to the light festivities.

L1 DSC01489
L2 DSC03560
L3 DSC03269


Standalone light installation

In the middle of a lush, green grass field inside the Minnewaterpark we carefully placed a repetitive series of wooden parts.

Each item differed in shape and held multiple LED lines, allowing us to program light sequences, glowing and lighting up its surroundings.

D0 DSC03362
D1 DSC01767
D2 DSC03304
D3 DSC03308
D4 DSC01207
D5 DSC01220
D6 DSC03370
D7 DSC03514


Project video

Some say "a picture says more than a thousand words". As we've already shown you a lot of those, here's some more video footage for you to discover!

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