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Wickie Splash Battle - Holiday Park Germany

Plopsa - Holiday Park Germany

Fisheye constructed and programmed another Wickie Splash Battle theme park installation in Plopsa Group’s Holiday Park in Germany.

Wickie 1 MG 4141


Wickie waterfun across Europe

Plopsa, the theme park division of Studio 100, consists of 7 theme parks, 2 water parks, 1 hotel, 1 theatre, 1 store & 1 campsite. Next to theme park venues in Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland, Plopsa Group is also the owner of Holiday Park in Hassloch, Germany.

It’s in this park another Wickie Splash battle was installed in the spring/summer of 2021, allowing more international visitors to enjoy a water spraying battle based on the character of Wickie The Viking.

Wickie 2 MG 4173
Wickie 2 MG 4177
Wickie 3 MG 4118
Wickie 4 MG 4127
Wickie 5 MG 4146
Wickie 6 MG 4162
“Working in water surroundings definitely added another dimension to this project but it was amazing to see the result.”
Pieter Troch - Fisheye Project Manager
Wickie 7 MG 4128


Baseframes, CNC styrofoam & paint

Whether it’s coming up with homemade designs or realizing designs that are presented to us, our facilities and team include just about everything necessary to create unforgettable experiences. In this case team Plopsa briefed us on shapes, colors and designs, and team Fisheye went to work on actually producing all of these items.

From welding steel baseframes to shaping custom styrofoam sharks, boats, barrels and birds, all pieces of the puzzle were created in our headquarters in Wetteren, Belgium. Amongst many others our tools include a state of the art CNC tube laser, a 5-axis CNC cutting machine and a waterjet CNC machine.

Wickie 8 DSC09444
Wickie 9 DSC09447
Wickie 10 DSC09452
Wickie 14 DSC09458
Wickie 16 DSC09524
Wickie 17 DSC09552

Research & development

Mechanics & programming

Wickieland’s Splash Battle is a collection of multiple interactive scenes, including animatronics, rotating mechanical constructions and other watersensitive triggers. To ensure smooth sailing Fisheye’s technical team dove deep into the subject.

At our 5000 square meter headquarters we recreated the perfect circumstances to test each and every part of the installation. We constructed a rotating baseframe, a boat structure and added in house PLC-programming show controls.

Wickie 18 DSC09487
Wicki 19 MG 4191
Wickie 20 DSC09490

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