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Step aside Krusty, there’s a new clown in town


If you don’t know the lyrics to the infamous Bumba Circus song, you will now. Together with Studio 100 we created a brand-new dark ride,under the artistic direction of Piet de Koninck, in the Plopsaland theme park in De Panne. ‘Op Reis met Bumba’ is a seven-scene dark ride that takes visitors on a trip around the world with Bumba and his friends from the popular children’s series.

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Fun for one and all

Dark rides are iconic in the amusement genre and so is this one. Bringing together animatronics, video projection, 3D and 2D decors, this is sure to be a ride for both small children and adults alike. The creative team at Studio 100 drew on the imagination of children in developing the scenes, from a trip to China, an icy snow landscape, outer space, the deep jungle, an underwater world, to a grand finale. Each scene also has a fun ‘where’s Waldo?’ game but trading a dude with a striped t-shirt and hat for the tiny bird ‘Kiwi’ from the series dressed in the theme of each room.

“Being a theme park enthousiast myself, I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the result we achieved together. It wasn’t easy at times but we pulled through and introduced a whole new interactive experience for visitors of all ages.”
Pieter Troch, project manager
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Don’t be afraid of the dark

Our team went full on for this project and all of our internal teams were heavily invested in bringing out the best result. From bespoke content, projection mapping, 3D printing, shaping, to animatronics and tailormade costumes, we created a whole new Bumba experience.

A dark ride wouldn’t be complete without black lights and fluorescent effects. Our team used special painting effects and costume fabrics to light up each scene.

Oh, and here is your new earworm:

Bumbabeloe – het circus komt eraan. Bumbabelie – waar is die kleine clown? Bumbabelaa – wat is zijn naam? Bumba… Bumbeloe.

Bumba Circus selectie 01 24 MP

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