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Urban Light Projections - Ghent City - We Can Do This

Stad Gent

The city of Ghent (BE) reached out to us to produce the light projection part of their "Keep on giving" campaign ("Blijven geven"), which sets out to support the city's residents to remain hopeful in the battle against COVID19.



We Can Do This

In light of the second COVID19 wave affecting our city yet again, the mayor and his team launched a visual campaign to help citizens stay hopeful during these challenging times.

Next to street posters and a personal postcard for every inhabitant, the administration also wanted to project messages of hope on landmark buildings across town.



Short term production

As the number of Corona-infections kept on rising throughout October 2020, the question to set up these projections came rather unexpected. Since we're used to working towards strict launch & premiere deadlines we're used to shifting gears fast.

Immediately after receiving the request our designers started checking typography and resolutions, while our technical team got to work calculating the correct amount of Lumen necessary to pull of long distance projections like these.

"These high tech projections help spread our message of hope."
Mathias De Clercq - Mayor of Ghent

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