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Wasserman - Coca Cola Festival Booth

Wasserman / Boris Agency

Fisheye produced this massive container based festival activation booth from A to Z, including technical and audiovisual installations to entertain and inform visitors.

Cola 1


Brand activation recycling booth

Recycling is in the heart of everything Coca-Cola does. The festivals are the perfect place to showcase their commitment and encourage young festivalgoers to participate in this mission. Wasserman Belgium, formerly known as Boris Agency, invited Fisheye to translate this message into a visible activation booth with rewards for those who recycle.

Bring your empty bottles to the Coca-Cola booth, get recycling tokens and start your journey through the recycling process. In the eco-shop visitors can exchange tokens for ecological festival goodies, and continue their explorations across multiple activities such as a spinning tube and a photobooth, while a DJ sets the right mood.

Cola 5
Cola 3
Cola 6
Cola 7
Cola 8
Cola 15
"Realizing creative ideas like Wasserman's is exactly our cup of tea."
Robben Peeters - Fisheye Project Manager
Cola 2


Bottled LED wall artwork

It all starts with a bottle. While you walk through the booth and learn about the recycling process in an engaging way, you can plug your empty bottle in Coca Cola’s art installation. Every new bottle increases the effects and at night our recycling art becomes a beautiful light spectacle.

For this specific installation our designers drew a giant, horizontal Coke bottle filled with openings that match the small Coca Cola bottles exactly. Our Workshop Wizards cut this shape using our very detailed 5-axis CNC machine and our Content Team started animating both the Cola logo and multiple low res visuals to match the pixel ratio of the bottles.

Cola 10
Cola 9
Cola 11
Fisheye 16
Cola 4


Containers, safety & bottle tube transportation

From technical challenges to electronics, a motorized spinning tube, software controls, audiovisual installations, welding, woodwork, painting and installation, this entire festival booth was produced in house at the Fisheye headquarters. Well, actually, we prepped this entire booth outside on our parking lot as you can see below.

7 containers formed the structural base. We stacked these monsters and got to work assembling an eyecatching festival booth with high safety standards in mind. After severe technical examination of handrails and staircases we added even more magic by including a fully automatic pneumatic tube transportation system to bring small bottles from point A to B.

Fisheye 3
Fisheye 1
Fisheye 14
Fisheye 10
Fisheye 15
Fisheye 13
Cola 0 Drone

Pictures by Wasserman & Fisheye.
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