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Belfius Expo - Lighting solutions

Socle Studio & Belfius

Fisheye produced a combination of LED light solutions to add a splash of colour to the Belfius Art Collection in partnership with Socle Studio.



Belgium's largest art collection

The Belfius Art Collection is a collection of Belgian art owned by the Belfius Bank, and thus as of August 2018 by the Belgian State, owner of Belfius since 2011. Belfius continued collecting art after the fusion of 3 separate banks.

The complete collection has now grown to more than 4,300 works, of which small selections are open to the public two Saturdays every month. The bank lends works to exhibitions as well as it is their mission to make art accessible for anyone.

1 DSC09729
1 DSC09662
2 DSC09717
4 DSC 5852
5 DSC09747
6 DSC 5858
7 DSC09666


A splash of colour

For this project, Fisheye was commissioned by Socle Studio to produce a series of integrated LED lights, both underneath the artworks as in the cloth tubes to add a splash of color to the white walls, matching the artworks.

Socle, lead by creative director Axel Clissen, is an international architecture studio well versed in arts and culture, most notably known for designing immersive spaces. All of our installations were produced to allow their creative vision to come to life with programmable lighting conditions.

8 DSC09803 Pano
9 DSC 5828
10 DSC09618
11 DSC09555
12 DSC09733
13 DSC09580
14 DSC09572 B

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