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Say hello to our new Robinetto Tap Water Dispenser

16 August 2021

In all fairness, it's a different deal than that time we announced our CNC tube laser, but still this latest addition is another gamechanger that matches our values completely.


ROBINETTO is a label that was created by De Leiding CVBA. De Leiding is a social impact company that was established in April 2018. As the name states social impact companies are all about creating impact. In Robinetto’s case that means avoiding packaging and transport of water as much as possible. On top of these ecological profits it’s also Robinetto's goal to be financially profitable, which in turn allows them to enlarge their impact in today’s society.

" less bottles? Possible and easy."
Jeroen Vereecke - Founder Robinetto

After a long time of ordering bottled water in large quantities Fisheye finally obtained a connection to the municipality’s water supply. With this upgrade came a very conscious choice to add tap water drinking to our long list of sustainability efforts, along with our solar panel installation, waterjet residue recycling, use of FSC labeled wood and water based paints to name but a few. Robinetto’s standalone water tap dispenser easily allows us to offer chilled plain or sparkling water to all our coworkers and say goodbye to piles of unnecessary plastics, while saving both space and money. We’re happy to announce this partnership with the Robinetto team, as we firmly believe it’s initiatives like these, serving events, festivals, offices ánd individuals, that really make an impact.