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Corona Task Force - Plexiglass Pharmacy Windows

17 March 2020

“The current situation and measures concerning the COVID-19 or Corona virus affected all of us directly or indirectly. Thousands of talented and ambitious people are unexpectedly stuck at home after events being canceled for weeks on end.
What would a small army of highly skilled and stress resistant stagehands, technicians, runners, producers, operators and more be able to do in assistance of the already overloaded public healthcare workers? Amongst others we could be helping in setting up temporary infrastructures, transport, emergency services and much more. We’re used to moving mountains with short deadlines and we get the job done no matter what."

Plexiglass Header 2880

The intro above is a translation from the description of the Facebook group “Corona Virus Task Force”. It’s a group set up by Fisheye’s senior project manager Pieter Troch, who in his own time and under his own initiative wanted to take matters into his own hands.

The purpose of his initiative is versatile:

  • We don’t like doing nothing. When troubles arise, we find solutions.
  • We want to set an example and ask other individuals and companies to also take their social responsibility seriously.
  • We have a huge warehouse, loads of skilled employees and a huge network of freelancers whose current events have all been canceled.
  • We’re used to moving mountains in short periods of time.

Only 2 days after launching the group Pieter connected with Sieger Van Poucke from All Projects and together they created a plexiglass window for pharmacy counters as you can see below. This easy and affordable solution quickly got picked up by multiple pharmacies in our region in an effort to socially distance pharmacists and its growing list of customers. It also resulted in a 250 piece order by KOVAG, the umbrella organization bringing together all pharmacies across East-Flanders.

Plexiglass 1
Plexiglass 3
Plexiglass 2

Fisheye is proud to be part of the fight against this disease we haven’t seen the end of yet. It’s in our nature to think outside of the box and use our craftsmanship to quickly find solutions. We’re hoping to set an example with our social activism and inspire other companies and individuals to show their social goodwill. Although this has already proven to be a huge logistical challenge, we still believe no effort can be too big when it comes down to saving lives. This project might only be the beginning, as we are ready to make things happen when government measures might tighten up. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

Plexiglass 5
Plexiglass 6
Plexiglass 4