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WHAT? THIS GUY IS DRIVING BACKWARDS? Team Fisheye exaequo 1st place @redbull soapboxrace

07 September 2022

During this Soapbox Race, Red Bull challenged the bravest, happiest and most creative teams to build the craziest vehicle ever. Welcome to the top of motor without motor sport!


Team building bottom up!

The motivated crew of Fisheye proposed to participate in this race. Our team is the perfect diverse mix to complete such a project. Many colleagues, from different teams and with different skills, worked together to realize this crazy challenge.

IMG 4402
IMG 4377
IMG 6553

17-degree slope

How do you make an imitation forklift drive backwards down a 17-degree slope?

Enjoy these images, because the enthusiasm is overwhelming, including special effects


"I don't want to influence the judges but this is really a gem!"
Tom Waes
"Crazy Fool, the biggest fool I've ever seen go down the trail."
Tom Waes

Want to join our ride in 360°?