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Fisheye joins CoGent to create an immersive, high-tech & mobile experience room.

05 February 2021

Fisheye is joining forces with a long list of cultural & creative organisations to share cultural heritage in the Collections of Ghent project.
More specifically our team will be building an immersive, high-tech and mobile experience room.
Below is a small preview, but we'll be sharing more updates as the project evolves.
In partnership with Stad Gent, Design Museum Gent, District 09, Universiteit Gent, Industriemuseum, Huis Van Alijn, STAM, Chase Creative, Inuits, Meemoo, IDROPS, Studio Dott & DIFT.

Co Gent2
"We're humbled to share our expertise with such an impressive list of partners in such an extraordinary project."
Kris Goubert - Co-founder Fisheye

Ghent's heritage institutions and museums are preserving an enormous amount of cultural heritage. At the same time the citizens of Ghent possess a treasure trove of knowledge and stories.

For Collections of Ghent, the City and its museums and archives are collaborating with partners from the corporate, cultural, and academic world to digitize an invaluable collection of more-or-less 100,000 objects, stories and documents. This collected heritage will converge in CoGent, an immersive, high-tech and mobile experience room. The CoGent box will go on tour in three neighbourhoods of Ghent: Watersportbaan - Ekkergem, Tolhuis-Sluizeken-Ham and Wondelgem. Visitors will be able to participate by adding personal stories about the cultural heritage displayed in the CoGent box.

The Collections of Ghent will be an intersection where heritage, research, and technology will meet.

Read all about the project here:
- Collections of Ghent (EN)
- Collectie van de Gentenaar (NL)