4D Virtual Reality Crash Car

### Virtual car crash reality
Car crash simulators are not especially new, but recently Fisheye was approached to make one that is somewhat more ‘immersive’ than previous versions. When the Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde (the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Engineering) supplied Fisheye with the brief for this project, we knew it would be the perfect job for us. It was a job which would involve our whole team: the design team, set builders, technicians, the content creators and more.

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360° Diamond Dome

Commisioned by the city of Antwerp :  the Diamond Dome. We powered the dome with 50.000 ansilummen projection, content creation, quadrophonic sound scape and complex playout management.

Virtual reality for multiple spectators !


Dome Antwerpen from Fisheye on Vimeo.





Our company will be closed between 22th December 2017, and 2th January 2018. There will be some activity in our workshop, but we won’t pickup the phone 😉


Little Mermaid

Last year in November we were totally absorbed by the story of the Beauty and the Beast. It became a resounding success.
Now it’s the Little Mermaid’s turn. Our team is in the process of translating Ariel’s (underwater) world into an effective production.
If you would drop by, chances are you would stumble over some starfish or coral. Rehearsals of this Marmalade production are being held in the Fisheye studio. There’s no better guarantee for the quality of the final setting than testing it during rehearsals.