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Fisheye x Light Festival Ghent: what is the role of interactivity at light festivals?

22 November 2023

The programme of Ghent’s Light Festival has been announced and we will be showcasing two of our own creations, “Message to Space” and “Doktron”, which have been selected by the curators.


The shift towards interaction

In recent years, light festivals around the world have undergone a transformative shift, moving beyond the traditional concept of passive observation to embrace interactive light installations.

Historically, light festivals served as a celebration of culture, art, and the simple joy of witnessing urban landscapes bathed in vibrant colours. While the visual spectacle remains a central component, organizers and artists are increasingly incorporating interactive elements to enhance visitor participation and create a more dynamic and memorable experience.

This year, we are excited to ride this wave of change by bringing an innovative and interactive installation to Ghent’s Light Festival. “Message to Space” invites festivalgoers to share their thoughts, dreams, or messages with the cosmos by shooting them into space in Morse code at the speed of light. In a world where technology often connects us globally, our installation provides a unique opportunity to connect with the cosmos on a personal level.

The shift towards interactivity has also opened up the intersection between technology and art. This is where our other installation “Doktron” comes in, which brings back the former connection to the sea and the dock of Ghent by a symbolic light line.

Have we sparked your interest? Undoubtedly. Only two more months before the start of this year’s festival, so watch this space!

Until then, you can read more about the festival and its programme here.

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