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Revolutionizing Scenography: The Power of 3D Pixel Mapping

11 December 2023

In recent decades, the evolution of multimedia in scenography has been nothing short of remarkable. Audiovisual techniques have become the cornerstone for creating immersive and powerful experiences for event-goers. As a company, our exploration of video integration has taken us on a journey through VR, AR, video mapping, lighting, pixel, and laser mapping.

Circulus 3

In our latest brainstorming session, we stumbled upon an exciting concept – pixel mapping in a three-dimensional space, with motorized pixels. This innovative approach not only adds depth to visuals but transforms them into a dynamic, mesmerizing spectacle. 3D Pixel mapping allows us to break free from the constraints of traditional flat screens, creating a three-dimensional canvas where pixels move and dance, enhancing the overall narrative and engagement.

Microsoft Teams image 4

If you're intrigued by the possibilities of pixel mapping and want to explore how it can elevate your events, get in touch! Let's brainstorm together and redefine the boundaries of multimedia in scenography. Your next unforgettable event awaits here.

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