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Let’s start the week right with #FisheyeMachineMonday!

09 October 2023

Machine Monday CNC 07

This second video is dedicated to our newest CNC hot wire machine with our operator Johnny as your guide!

A CNC hot wire machine, also known as a CNC hot wire foam cutter, is a computer-controlled device used for cutting and shaping materials, typically foam, using a heated wire. This technology is often used in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and the arts and crafts sector.

The computer program guides the machine to move the heated wire along the specified path. As the wire makes contact with the foam, it melts and cuts through it, leaving a clean, precise edge.

CNC hot wire machines are often used for creating various foam products, such as architectural models, packaging materials, props for theater and film production, and even for crafting custom signage and decorations. They offer high precision and can produce intricate shapes that might be challenging to achieve with traditional cutting methods.