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Our new 3D printer is up and running!

08 June 2022

Woot woot !!! What's standing here in our workshop now, a mega 3D printer. This is yet another way of moving more quickly from concept to execution without sacrificing creativity.

Are you aware of the many advantages of 3D printing technology?


In our workshop, we had a couple of PRUSA 3D printers for years. We made them work very hard, but a surface area of 20 by 20 cm, with a height of 20 cm is rather limited. This big boy has a print area of 120 cm by 150 cm, and can print 180 cm high. Ideas bigger than life ;-)


The traditional manufacturing process is usually a subtractive process, where the raw material is wasted and used over and over again, resulting in high costs and waste. An advantage of 3D printing is the unique way the product is built with very little waste, this is called additive manufacturing.


Rapid prototyping is the ability to design, manufacture and test a custom part in as little time as possible.


Another big advantage of 3D printing is that a given printer can make almost anything that fits within its build volume. With traditional manufacturing processes, each new part or design change requires a new tool, mould or die to make the new part.


As mentioned above in relation to quality, traditional manufacturing processes can result in a percentage of a batch of parts being defective or having inconsistent quality compared to the rest of the parts.