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Fisheye builds solar frames for Enervest & Bolt & Camping Belgica by Studio Brussel

03 July 2020

In the past few weeks Fisheye has designed and developed a mobile solar frame for Belgian company in renewable energy Enervest. Together with Bolt, an online energy platform based on local & green energy production, they provide the solar power needed to run Studio Brussel's latest summer radio project Camping Belgica.

Enervest Header

Our engineers and designers developed a stackable, variable and reusable steel frame allowing solar panels to be installed on top of event containers and other places in the most optimal way. From problem to concept to production and installation, this project had Fisheye written all over it and resulted in another partnership we are proud to present.

20200702 KG enervest 18
20200702 KG enervest 3
20200702 KG enervest

Enervest, Bolt and its partners developed a microgrid: a modular solarpanel park which, combined with a battery, will be able to provide an entire festival of locally induced energy. “To provide renewable energy for a festival like Rock Werchter you would need over 1000 mobile solar panels. This project, using only 72 solar panels, is the perfect testcase for upcoming festival summers”, says Bolt CEO Pieterjan Verhaeghen.

Enervest 1
Enervest 4
Enervest 5

Jan Van Biesen, manager Studio Brussel: “By broadcasting from our Camping Belgica we provide the perfect staycation soundtrack. We’re also moving forward in the field of climate friendly energy, as our mobile radiostation is not using a polluting diesel powered generator but a modular solarpanel park. It’s not only a unique setup, we’re also testing a new technology festivals can use when they restart operations in the future.”

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SOURCE: Bolt Energie
Photography by Fisheye & StuBru & Wouter Van Vooren

Camping Belgica Bolt Final 01 1024x598