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Queen Mathilde of Belgium visits Fisheye

30 September 2020

September 30th 2020, a day unlike any other in the Fisheye workshop & offices. Today we were granted a visit by Queen Mathilde of Belgium.

Fisheye Royals 01

Due to government obligations King Filip couldn't join the tour, but nevertheless Queen Mathilde took the time to visit 3 companies based in East-Flanders.
After starting things off at dairy company Inex the delegation visited our Fisheye HQ before leaving towards the castle of Laarne.
In a way, hosting the Queen can be seen as an actual event, and amongst many other things, we love to support events and create unforgettable experiences.
After having welcomed Queen Mathilde to our offices we immediately submerged her in the Fisheye story.
Co-founder Kris Goubert started off the visit with an elaborate presentation on the history, current business and future plans of our company.

"We're happy to use this opportunity to share a spotlight on the events industry."
Kris Goubert - Co-founder Fisheye
Fisheye Royals 24
Fisheye Royals 50
Fisheye Royals 16

After showcasing multiple projects in a flashy video edit in our recently renewed studio, we took the royal delegation for a tour around the Fisheye offices and workshop. Starting at Team Content they then moved on to Team Design before meeting up with Team Tech in their shiny and colorful workplace.

Fisheye Royals 44
Fisheye Royals 68
Fisheye Royals 11
"It's impressive to see the diversity of in-house skills at Fisheye."
Queen Mathilde of Belgium

The tour then continued towards our Workshop Wizards where a big group of national and local press got a colourful photo opportunity in our paint workshop. Impressed by Fisheye's creativity and production facility, Her Majesty continued the walk while asking multiple questions about our eyecathing CNC milling machines.

Fisheye Royals 39
Fisheye Royals 27
Fisheye Royals 31
Fisheye Royals 25

At the end of the visit we presented the Queen a little gift that combines many of our in-house skills: a 3D-printed Fisheye logo on a watercut plexi background, with a steel frame made in our tube laser, on top of a wooden base cut in our CNC 5-axis, with a custom battery powered LED light integrated.
Fisheye is all about creating unforgettable experiences, and we're happy to have had the opportunity to show a behind the scenes look into our workflow, from concept creation to production and assembly.