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Face-to-face with GIANTS

Museum of Natural Sciences

Always be humble. This is definitely true when you visit the new temporary exhibition ‘GIANTS’ at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels. Together with the museum, we produced 11 gigantic prehistoric animals to scale that roamed the Earth after the dinosaurs died out.


It’s a good thing we’re curious-minded because our latest project turned our team into full blown palaeontologists. We produced the newest exhibition for the renowned Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, starting from the museum’s concept drawings and working very closely with their team to bring all elements to life. Visitors can see eye-to-eye with a shark, whale, mammoth, gorilla, rhino, snake and other ancient animals such as a sabre-toothed tiger, a sloth, a panther, deer, etc.


Faceted felt

The exhibition’s look & feel is centred on faceted design, using polygonal shapes to create a 3D effect. This required a very detailed approach from our engineering team, who had to take into account not only the durability of each steel frame but also all technical and hardware integrations. The inner steel structure is finished with a recycled felt plane onto which prints and audiovisual screens were integrated.

“I can truly say this is one of the most beautiful projects I’ve worked on since I joined Fisheye. The attention to detail that was needed made all of the team up their game and we couldn’t be prouder of the result.”
Siebe Vermeirsch, production team lead

A giant effort

Other teams were also closely involved in the project: our technical team for bespoke LED lighting and hardware in each animal, our graphic team to coordinate prints and correct alignment on each outside felt panel and of course our production team that constructed each steel frame, welding and coating the inside structure and placing the felt outer shell and bringing them to life in the museum. Special care had to be taken when mounting the museum’s collection pieces together with their team.

DSC08386 Verbeterd NR
DSC00367 Verbeterd NR
DSC00038 2
DSC00829 Verbeterd NR

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