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Bolt & 7C Solarparken - Camping Belgica Solar Park

7C Solarparken - Bolt

Fisheye produced a series of 12 solar panel microgrids, allowing Bolt & 7C Solarparken to power the 2021 edition of Stu Bru’s Camping Belgica event.



Belgium's first mobile solar park

After a successful test event at the 2020 edition of Stu Bru’s Camping Belgica, Bolt, 7C Solarparken and Fisheye joined forces again in 2021 to recreate and expand Belgium’s first mobile solar park.

Thanks to our 12 microgrids, for a total of 72 solar panels, Bolt is able to provide the entire event with locally produced power. A large battery unit allows unused solar power to be stored temporarily for after sunset hours.

Belgica 1
Belgica 0
Belgica 4
Belgica 5
Belgica 13
Belgica 3
"We want to eliminate diesel as the only source of energy at festivals by 2023"
Pieterjan Verhaeghen - Bolt CEO
Belgica 7
Belgica 8
Belgica 9
Belgica 10
Belgica 11
Belgica 12
Bolt Camping Belgica


Teamwork + production by Fisheye

Creating and implementing world’s first mobile solar park took some thinking. Local energyplatform Bolt joined forces with 7C Solarparken Belgium, formerly known as Enervest, to power StuBru’s summer radio event.

Fisheye joined the team from a productional point of view and came up with the microgrid solutions, perfectly drafted to fit a container unit. On top of that we added tilting and forklift handling functionalities, while drafting ánd producing all entire units in house.

Fish DSC06899
Fish DSC06916
Fish DSC06919

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