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Preview: CoGent Box for Collections of Ghent

30 March 2022

We’ve announced our participation in this highly anticipated project over a year ago, and now it’s nearly time for our production to leave our playground and spread its wings across the city of Ghent.


In early 2021 we teamed up with the City of Ghent, its museums and an impressive list of partners from the corporate, cultural and academic world for the Collections of Ghent project. The aim of this project is digitizing an invaluable collection of more-or-less 100,000 objects, stories and documents. This collected heritage will converge in the CoGent Box, an immersive, high-tech and mobile experience room which is exactly at the intersection where Fisheye likes to operate.

1 Kopie van GNT 02 20210826 Final renders 02
2 Box binnenkant
3 Screenshot

What started out as a sparkling 3D render was translated into technical designs by our digital team. Our workshop wizards started construction on steel baseframes, wooden walls and many other interior and exterior components. On the inside our tech team joined forces with Inuits to implement multiple technical features for visitors to discover in this mobile experience room that will traverse 3 neighbourhoods in Ghent. Not only do visitors get to enjoy a broad view of the cultural heritage in Ghent, they will also be able to participate by adding personal stories to this shared cultural heritage of Ghent. Whether it is engaging citizens to join a cultural research project or attracting target audiences to a mobile installation, our team is always ready for a challenge. It’s safe to say this production will draw quite some attention and we’re happy to see it taking on the road.

4 DSC04337
5 DSC04110

Curious to see the CoGent Box? These people had the chance to enjoy a virtual preview, the final result is coming your way very soon.

More information:

In partnership with Stad Gent, Design Museum Gent, District 09, Universiteit Gent, Industriemuseum, Huis Van Alijn, STAM, Chase Creative, Inuits, Meemoo, IDROPS, Studio Dott & DIFT.