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Hello 2021

04 January 2021

Our mission states that "Fisheye is a multidisciplinary production company that uses creative thinking to provide a complete service". Although 2020 was challenging, the above is exactly what we'll keep on doing in the future. We're not to keen on looking back, so here's a little preview of the first few projects we've got lined up for this year. Hello 2021, let's rock!

"Our top of the bill machinery and refined team structure allows to take on both local and international projects of all sizes."
Stijn, Kristof & Kris, management team Fisheye.

To kick off 2021, we're happy to announce we've got a HUGE international project coming up halfway across the world. We can't spill any details yet, but it's going to be mesmerizing and it involves a lot of LED.
On top of that we're not converting 1 but 2 buses into respectively a mobile cycling museum and another one into a mobile shop. The challenge of combining beautiful design and craftsmanship in a small space is exactly our cup of tea.

Koers Logo
Koers HLN
Goed Bus
Overbeke kerk 2

Next to these eyecatching projects we have a list of other awesome things on our to-do list. We're turning an old, empty church building into a modular community centre, launching a virtual tour of 5 school campuses across Belgium, creating an infopoint for the "Oosterweelverbinding" in Antwerp, producing light fixtures for Aqualibi and designing stage doors for the Bijloke music hall in Ghent.
Safe to say we're pretty excited about 2021!