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The Power & Advantages of Interactive Video

12 August 2020

In video marketing options to create engaging visual content have become endless. From Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality and 360-video all the way to Interactive Video. In this article we’re crossing boundaries beyond classic, linear video and focusing on the power of viewer interaction. This emerging form of videomarketing is excellent to engage your target audience and gather insights on what they are specifically looking for.

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Take your audience engagement to the next level with an interactive video.

What is Interactive Video?

An interactive video incorporates clickable areas and “hotspots” into the video itself. It allows viewers to engage with your brand directly through the video content, while choosing their personal path in between video chapters or clicking external links. The videos play like regular videos but include annotations that perform a certain action when you click on them. Any scene, text element or video area can be made interactive, allowing viewers to choose what content they want to see.

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Here are some of the advantages to this next level type of video:

  1. Increase customer engagement

    Probably the biggest benefit of interactive video is the fact that it immerses your viewers in the content that is being shown. With so many companies battling to capture your attention this type of video counteracts the problem of short attention spans. Research has shown that the number of completed views dramatically increases with the use of interactive video. This automatically leads to greater customer engagement, as viewers cultivate their own experience by making choices while watching a video.

  2. Gather insights & analytics

    Depending on the software you choose to distribute your content on, publishers can gather many types of different analytics. In the world of marketing, insights like this can be of high value in retargeting ads or simply getting to know your audience. Viewers can be encouraged to perform specific actions like buying a product or choosing their favourite topic or speaker. With multiple viewers accessing this content this automatically leads to behavorial insights and preference statistics. Clicks, conversions and even revenue can be measured instantly from your interactive video.

  3. Improve brand image

    Set yourself apart from competitors by offering custom content matched to your client’s needs. Interacting with a video puts your users in control of the content, allowing further and deeper connections between the viewer and the brand to be made. Brand perception improves drastically by providing cutting edge, visually stimulating video content.