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Very Real

Fisheye VR, A Virtual Reality Studio.
Creating Interactive stories and experiences.

Fisheye VR

How We Work

Fisheye VR is a full service production studio for virtual reality projects.
We optimize your project for web, mobile and virtual reality headsets such as
Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google cardboard.
We make your story VR, very real!


  • Video Capture
  • Building 3D Environments


  • Stitching & Editing 360 Video
  • Create A 3D Model
  • Add Interactivity


  • Fixed / Mobile Content Distribution
  • Web Integration
  • Integrate Physical Setting


VRT Nieuws


For the launch of the updated newscaster studio of the Flemish national TV station, we produced a behind-the-scenes segment showing you the ins and outs of a news report.

This project garnered lots of attention because of our innovative approach to transitions for Virtual Reality.

Bridgestone Driveguard


For the European release of Bridgestone’s Driveguard tires, we made this 360° video, combining video and CGI to deliver a compelling presentation of the product.

This project allowed us to successfully explore the potential of our camera rigs in very tight spaces, like the passenger seat of a car.

Red Bull Elektropedia

Commercial / 360 video

A Virtual Reality invitation to the Red Bull Elektropedia awards.

Watch here.

Xeikon Trillium


This full-CGI video was made in record tempo for the launch of Xeikon’s new printing press Trillium One.


Interactive docu / 3D

An interactive documentary about World War I. This story was made for The DocLab Immersive Reality Program is an initiative of IDFA DocLab and the Brakke Grond.

James Marvel


A documentary for VRT describing how a classically trained jazz pianist chose for a career in drum and bass

Aalst, historic city

Interactive Docu

A production for a custom-made cylindric cinema in Aalst.

Raveyards - Lank

Music Video

A live music video of the krautrock band Raveyards. In corporation with Piet Sonck.

Watch here.



An intimate and poetic video to celebrate the re-opening of Brakke Grond.



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FISHEYE VR a virtual reality studio by Fisheye, crossmedia productions.

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