The story of Honeybot.

You work as innovation manager for your company, you dress yourself in ‘wearables’, you are brand activation specialist? Then you must be going to ISE this week! So are we.


At ISE we proudly present the ‘Honeybot’, an installation of 35 hexagon shaped kinetic screens. Why hexagons? Because this 6-sided form is the symbol for the 6 domains of the in-house expertise: Concept, Design, Technology, Factory, Content and Experience. To make the installation more Fisheye-ish we’ve added some extras to the concept: interactive led lights, motion design and projection mapping on rotating radars.

The Story of the Honeybot.

Last year we had a big summer bbq-party, for all our local friends and loyal clients. We were celebrating 10 years of Fisheye, 10 years of building custom solutions for cross-media enquiries. It was a moment to party, but also a moment to make new resolutions. The first resolution was simple. To take more time to research and elaborate on ideas, just for the fun of it. To be creative, just for ourselves.

Honeybot is a 3D info-graphic of our company. A visual way to show the different levels of our skills and expertise. Have a look at the Fisheye Facebook to see more photo’s of the making of.

Come and say hi at booth 9-b110.

Our booth at ISE.