Workshop Supervisor

Our workshop has grown significantly over the last 12 months, not only in machines but also in people.
In order to round off this expansion we hired a great workshop supervisor.
With his experience, vision and energy Erik Cantryn will, starting this week, steer the workshop in the right direction.
We are looking forward to achieve fantastic productions together.

Next Level User Interfacing

In addition to their existing range, Atlas Copco has a new machine, which they would like to present at fairs and at their office. They wanted their potential costumers to get to know the new features in an original way, and have them to puzzle with the improved aspects, as well as let them have a comparison with other machines and components, both within Atlas Copco and other brands.

A rather complex and not very sexy topic. The question they asked Fisheye was: how can we make this an attractive part of our fair? The result: an actual puzzle, for grown ups.

Visitors can put together their own machine, using puzzle blocks that contain RFID information. They have different options per part, which all result into a different outcome. That outcome, is life measured and the information is shown on the screen.

They get an instant print of the result, so they can compare with other machines on the fair.





Captain Einstein

Like most people in the world, Fisheye is vaguely familiar with the concept of ‘relativity’. We could have told you that Einstein once developed a theory about it, and that his theory is something to do with the speed of light. We couldn’t have said much more than this, and we certainly couldn’t have visualised the theory ourselves.

But then the University of Gent came up with a concept of a VR film about the Theory of Relativity. For them as well as us, it was a leap in the dark (and apparently you can take that literally). With our 360° camera in tow, we boarded a boat on the Leie in our beloved home town, and let the boffins bend the fabric of space-time with their interstellar explanation.

The result is utterly spellbinding. Einstein’s sister Maja, takes the viewer on a miraculous journey on the Leie, at the speed of light. It’s a must see for everyone.



“The bigger, the better !”

That’s what must have crossed our minds when we decided on the size of the studio.

600 sq.m. of blackbox, a make-up room, a meeting room, a kitchen, a bedroom and parking space for trucks and 40 cars: its’s all included in the studio rent.

Do you need a specific setting ? Just ask our workshop boys, two doors away. Do you want to bring the product to its final stage ? Our post production team is at your disposal. Do you want any assistance on the set or none at all ? You just ask and we’ll comply.
Using our studio for an event can be arranged, from an empty space all the way to a fully elaborated concept. Our team is ready to give a helping hand.

We are looking forward to making your dreams come true. Check our new website and get in touch !