The blind spot: a virtual approach

VR is a perfect medium to experience the world from the perspective of other people. That’s why the Vlaamse Stichting Verkeerskunde (the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge) chose to work with us on a campaign to raise awareness of the dreaded blind spot of trucks. With our special compact 360° camera the user looks through the eyes of both a truck driver and a cyclist in a problem situation at a crossroads. Cyclists get a very good view of everything that a truck driver does and does not see. With the help of VR drones and animation we also present the scene from a bird’s eye perspective. This campaign will go on tour throughout Flanders, where it will make a valuable contribution to cyclists’ road safety.


New blood

In recent months it has felt like we were sitting on a rollercoaster. There’s no more empty seats now, because Sam, Stef, Erik and Rimco fell out of the sky and into just the right spot. Welcome gents! With their arrival we are strengthened not just in production capability, but we have also taken a step forward in terms of business development

Stereoscopy, real-time stitching and live preview

To increase the immersive impact of VR, we’ve invested in a  stereoscopic camera rig, a fantastic tool that generates a highly dynamic three-dimensional image. By filming two different images – one for the left and one for the right eye – we are able to simulate three-dimensional depth, just as if you are looking at the real world. Like any production, this can look strange if poorly implemented, or absolutely amazing if done right.

A live-stitched preview means that the director and the client can watch a VR stitched image live on the set.


Milow goes LED

For the most recent Milow tour, Fisheye built 45 custom LED fixtures, each separately controlled by 86 DMX addresses. That adds up to 3,870 DMX channels filling 8 DMX universes with as many as 990.720 parameters. What did we need for this? 1km of cable, and 10.800 minutes to complete the job. That should keep the number-crunchers happy.