Wooden hashtags and golden circles.

The birds are chirping, the days are getting longer … Time for some inspiration!

In the category after-work, this week starts Gent M. A community that thinks, talks and writes about the next step. The digital scene of Ghent gets a face, encompassing 10 weeks. During these 10 weeks, we will talk about innovation and entrepreneurs, with the inspirational help of a cool gin & tonic.

We at Fisheye got involved in a variety of ways, and not just because we are the audiovisual partner. You can expect some fancy event-movies as well. But also because Gent M curator and founder Fredo De Smet operates from the Fisheye basecamp.
As we take Brand Activation very seriously, we have made wooden hashtags and attached it to a Coptermotion drone. Both on- and offline engagement have no limits.

Something else that makes us happy: when a musician knocks on our door. It puts a smile on our face, because the  Fisheye roots lie in that part of the day that doesn’t see any sunshine: live shows, dj gigs, nightlife…

In this particular case, it was Bram Vandenbussche, the light engineer of Intergalactic Lovers, who pressed the bell. As you can expect from any artist, there was hardly any  time available and even less money. But, hey, limited resources mean high impact and in only one week, we invented a light background for the life show. We designed and manufactured golden circles. Let’s be quite clear about it, not the stage-set is the reason you should come and watch a performance of Intergalactic Lovers. The golden voice of the front woman Lara Chedraoui is.

Our photographer went to see the album show and made this report.

Cocoa Horizons Multimedia Truck

Here are 4 things we have learned about chocolate.

  • – Cocoa is grown in the narrow region 20 degrees above and below the equator. And only there.
  • – 75 per cent of the world’s cocoa production lies in Africa. 
  • The yield of dried beans in Ivory Coast is 400 kilos per hectare (for info, ten times this amount of wheat is harvested in Belgium per hectare). 
  • Stromae is immensely popular in Ivory Coast. 


Cocoa Horizons

 Ok, that has little to do with chocolate, but we wanted to tell you anyway. In taxis, in discotheques, on the radio, you hear ‘our’ Stromae everywhere in Abidjan, capital of Ivory Coast. You see, in previous years we have had the chance to travel to Africa a number of times for jobs for Barry Callebaut. We have been able to see with own eyes how chocolate is made.

The production of cacao, the raw material of chocolate, is incidentally a very slow and complicated process. Farmers who own a cocoa plantation in Africa are highly regarded in their village. And yet these farmers have relatively little know-how about the cultivation of cocoa.

Therefore, under the Cocoa Horizons label, Barry Callebaut is investing a great deal in education and quality of life for the local population. Last year we made this video about their training programme. The problem is however that thousands of farmers live in remote villages and cannot get to a training centre. So we together came up with the concept of the ‘Cocoa Horizons Truck‘. Let the school come to them. Barry Callebaut found in Fisheye a good partner with which to give the idea form, to build the truck and make the content for the training programme. Have a look at this making-of video.

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The Macintosh Steve Jobs never saw

We are talking fall 2002. I’m on my way to Paris with my buddy Tomas to attend a keynote. Steve Jobs is presenting two new programs: ISync & Ical…

This seems way back. In the meantime ICal defines how my day looks like. There are only Apple computers in our company and am I still watching Star Wars with my son.

When I was helping Tomas moving house last month, he was planning to dump his nerdie MACINTOSH SE 1989 collections. I rescued six of them from destruction.

For our stand at the ISE exhibition in Amsterdam, we needed a number of kiosks to display our projects. The MAC SE’s looked ideal, since after all the fair is called Integrated Systems Europe . Instead of always throwing out old electronics, I had a chance to reuse them. The SE screens are roughly the size of a mini ipad.In our workshop, we dismantled the entire inside.  A new electric connection was installed, yes, the original on/off button also provides the Ipads energy. The ordered 7 inch ipads arrived but do not entirely connect with the existing casing. We quickly solved the problem through custom assembly frames from our 3D printer. That’s how we built a Macintosh which Steve Jobs never saw. A MAC SE with retina display.

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The world is changing

‘Digital’ has broken down the traditional borders between different disciplines. ‘Social’ has caused a shift in roles in communication. And ‘technology’ has become a commodity.

The world is changing, and so is your customer.

Or should we say audience, ’cause everybody can become a broadcaster nowadays. Customers are confronted with too many messages and too many channels. To anticipate to the ‘marketing fatigue’ you need a good cross-channel approach. An approach where interactive marketing scenarios lead to personal interactions.

The world is changing, and we love it! Why?

Because more and more we get the chance to work on an true integrated way. And more and more we can find solutions for your need, where both digital, technology and content come together.

The story of Honeybot.

You work as innovation manager for your company, you dress yourself in ‘wearables’, you are brand activation specialist? Then you must be going to ISE this week! So are we.


At ISE we proudly present the ‘Honeybot’, an installation of 35 hexagon shaped kinetic screens. Why hexagons? Because this 6-sided form is the symbol for the 6 domains of the in-house expertise: Concept, Design, Technology, Factory, Content and Experience. To make the installation more Fisheye-ish we’ve added some extras to the concept: interactive led lights, motion design and projection mapping on rotating radars.

The Story of the Honeybot.

Last year we had a big summer bbq-party, for all our local friends and loyal clients. We were celebrating 10 years of Fisheye, 10 years of building custom solutions for cross-media enquiries. It was a moment to party, but also a moment to make new resolutions. The first resolution was simple. To take more time to research and elaborate on ideas, just for the fun of it. To be creative, just for ourselves.

Honeybot is a 3D info-graphic of our company. A visual way to show the different levels of our skills and expertise. Have a look at the Fisheye Facebook to see more photo’s of the making of.

Come and say hi at booth 9-b110.

Our booth at ISE.