Musical 40/45

Fisheye has played its role in yet another Flemish success story, as the decor builder for the spectacular, record-breaking Studio 100 musicalĀ  ’40-45′. Set in occupied Belgium during the second world war, this complex project required many different skillsets, making it the perfect part for our company.

Highlights of Fisheye’s appearance on stage include an exact life-size replica of the iconic British Spitfire fighter plane, and a lightweight replica of a German Stuka bomber with a working propeller, which ‘flies’ above the audience and stage. We also built (from scratch) a 30-meter long WW2-era train, complete with smoke and light effects, and powered across the stage by electric motor. Other electrically-driven vintage vehicles built by Fisheye for the show include a truck and a limousine.

But Fisheye’s presence doesn’t fade when the curtain falls. After the show, the audience is invited to eat and drink in the 2,000m2 theatre foyer, where Fisheye built several 1940’s-styled restaurants and bars, recreating the look and feel of the time with modern materials and construction techniques.