L1 Studio design

The world of television news is changing fast, and with Fisheye’s help, Dutch regional broadcaster L1 is facing up to the future with a completely new look for its TV news studio. Under the new name ‘Limburg Centraal’, L1 is getting up close and personal with its audience by creating a more informal feel to news bulletins, delivering them in a fresher, more welcoming environment, and by using live broadcast more frequently to tell its stories.

Fisheye was able to bring many years of experience in the broadcast studio sector together with some radically new and fresh design ideas to this project. From the outset, we turned everything on its head, from initial design concept to execution and build, creating a news studio that is quite different from the standard news room in almost every conceivable way.

Our approach resulted in a unique juxtaposition of curved and straight lines, atypical desks, rounded corners and unusually ‘homely’ materials for a news studio. The designers left no stone unturned in their search for unusual materials, including marble, cork, velvet and several grades of sand, all brought together and complemented by a shade of pale blue.

Functionally the studio comprises two anchors, up to four guests, six cameras and a requirement for maximum flexibility in an extremely confined space. Once again, Fisheye was able to draw on its experience to puzzle together floor space and camera setups into the overall design, to again realise another successful custom-made broadcast studio project.