Captain Einstein

Like most people in the world, Fisheye is vaguely familiar with the concept of ‘relativity’. We could have told you that Einstein once developed a theory about it, and that his theory is something to do with the speed of light. We couldn’t have said much more than this, and we certainly couldn’t have visualised the theory ourselves.

But then the University of Gent came up with a concept of a VR film about the Theory of Relativity. For them as well as us, it was a leap in the dark (and apparently you can take that literally). With our 360° camera in tow, we boarded a boat on the Leie in our beloved home town, and let the boffins bend the fabric of space-time with their interstellar explanation.

The result is utterly spellbinding. Einstein’s sister Maja, takes the viewer on a miraculous journey on the Leie, at the speed of light. It’s a must see for everyone.